Patient Testimonials

  • After years of hearing he’s not fast enough, he can’t jump high enough, he doesn’t have that burst, I decided to do something about it. I stumbled upon FASTER and it changed my game. The next level technology provides a way to improve all those characteristics and reach a new level. I dropped my 40 yard dash time 0.3 of a second and started dunking a basketball just a few weeks into the program. It’s helped me, it can help you!

  • I have been to see Dr. Jay after having a heart attack. He has taught me how to exercise me facial muscles and to get the feeling back in my neck. What a great experience, he’s so knowledgeable and personal in taking the time to help you! Please, if you need help in anyway give them a call.

    Shelley S.

  • A couple of years ago, I was dealt a devastating blow with a diagnosis of a progressive debilitating disease.  I had to quit work and started to go downhill with loss of strength and balance. Ellis Physical Therapy and their Aquatic Program have helped me to regain some strength, balance and mobility that I thought would never happen again. Even my wife is seeing an increase in strength, improvement in balance and mobility. They are very knowledgeable, caring, and patient with my needs. They take the time to explain things that I need to know or understand to help make my rehab adventure successful.

    Scott B.

  • Ellis Physical Therapy saved my life.  I had hurt myself and could hardly move to get out of my house let alone hop in my car and travel hundreds of miles over the following week to make sales stops at various businesses throughout the Northwest. After two visits, I was back on the road, not only feeling better, but with knowledge and tools to help me keep on going. It seems like he knew just what was going on and just what to do to get me going again.

    Clint K.