Headaches & Neck Pain Relief Idaho Falls, ID

Headaches and Neck Pain Relief

What constitutes serious neck and head pain?

By the time most people seek treatment for their neck pain and headaches, their problems  have persisted for several months. Typical complaints include: migraine and tension headaches, limited range of motion, neck soreness, and stabbing pain in the neck.
In some cases, the causes of your headaches or neck pain may be obvious — if you’ve recently been in a car accident or suffered a sports injury, for example. Often, however, problems can develop through poor posture or from having to perform the same action repeatedly. Muscle weakness can also be a result of spending too much time sitting at a desk or in a car.

What are the consequences of not getting help?

Patients are often surprised to learn the issues they’re experiencing with their neck is connected to their headaches.  Ignoring signs like limited mobility and mild pain can lead to more serious issues later. For example, chronic migraines can often be the result of a pinched nerve in your neck.

Untreated neck pain can even lead to issues you might never expect, such as balance problems or trouble gripping objects.

Treating Neck Pain and Headaches

Once we’ve pinpointed the main cause of your neck pain and stiffness, as well as headaches that we’ve determined stem from upper vertebrae issues, our physical therapist will develop a treatment plan with you. In your sessions, you’ll be taken through moves that build strength and flexibility. Our team of physical therapists will also help you learn how to better position yourself during your daily life to avoid relapses, including ergonomic and posture tips.

Contact us today at Idaho Falls, ID Center so our physical therapist can help you quickly resolve the debilitating neck pain you’re feeling now – and learn how to prevent it in the future.