Metabolic Program Idaho Falls, ID

Metabolic Program

Here at Ellis Physical Therapy, we want to provide you with a nutritional coaching and exercise-based weight loss program proven to aid in the recovery of your physical pains.

This wellness program is an included benefit of your physical therapy treatment. These services are offered at no cost to you, beyond your Physical Therapy co-pay or deductible, if applicable.

We include a fully customized metabolic program in addition to physical therapy for qualifying patients.

Qualified individuals receive exercise and nutritional coaching from caring professionals who understand your body and your needs. As part of your treatment, we help you address and control weight concerns, as well as diabetes, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and much more.

We take your results seriously and pride ourselves on giving you the tools to empower you and achieve a lasting, physical transformation. We believe these tools will empower you to create success by attaining the body and the life you deserve.

How it Works

  • Step 1: Visit your Primary Care Physician to see if you have a need for Physical Therapy
  • Step 2: Obtain a Referral/Prescription stating the Physical Therapy need as well as any of the following:
    • Metabolic B. Nutrition C. Obesity D. Weight loss E. Diabetic
  • Step 3: Attend Initial Evaluation-Physical Therapy
  • Step 4: Meet Metabolic Coach immediately after & Download Metabolic App
  • Step 5: Set goals and learn about our Progressive Power Promises
  • Step 6: Follow up appointments twice a week alongside Physical Therapy
  • Step 7: Weigh in at the end of each week
  • Step 8: Graduation into Carb Cycling

Why Choose Ellis PT Metabolic Program?

Every patient receives free services included in your physical therapy treatment:

  • Guidance in stretching, exercise, and massage
  • Personalized nutrition and diet review
  • Motivation and Support
  • Customized weight loss plan
  • Weight loss program that unloads or reduces stress on the arthritic or problematic joints