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Senior Wellness Program

Senior Wellness Program

Senior Health is Vital for Longevity

There are numerous ways for senior citizens to stay healthy and active, and physical therapy is one. Whether you are recovering from surgery, an accident, or simply wish to stay agile, turn to Ellis Physical Therapy for a solution.

Development of the Body Through Pilates

Core strength




Reduces effects of gravity

Controlled and safe movement

Muscle relaxation

Increase circulation

Functional Capacity Evaluation



Pain limitations

Functional limitations



Healthy Living

Here’s To Your Health

At Ellis Physical Therapy P A, we focus on your health. There are numerous ways to keep your body flexible, strong, and agile. Our team of physical therapists is here to meet your needs on a personal level. Check out some of the fabulous programs we have in the works for you:

  • General rehabilitation
  • Post-operative rehab
  • Healthy living program’s

For more information, contact us today at Ellis Physical Therapy in Idaho Falls, ID.