FASTER Program

FASTER stands for Fitness and Sports Training Enhanced Rehabilitation. The program is 18 session usually 9 weeks or 9 sessions 4-5 weeks. Please contact our office for different rate options.

The Faster Program is an innovative method to optimize performance. It emphasizes correct biomechanics, core strengthening, and proper muscle recruitment patterns for higher speeds for athletes.

Training begins with an evaluation to target biomechanical deficits and imbalances which can lead to power leaks. Once these are detected personalized training programs are formulated to safely meet your individual needs.


The FASTER program focuses on optimizing the following characteristics:

Correct biomechanics:

This includes gait analysis and correction as well as postural analysis and correction using functional assessment tools.


Core strengthening:

The core acts as the body’s foundation. With a stable foundation optimum levels of fitness can be achieved. Vibration training is included to create ideal muscle activation.


Proper muscle recruitment patterns:

This includes vibration plate and unweighted treadmill training. Jump-on’s and 360’s on our over-speed 28mph treadmill focus on neuromuscular adaptations to increase the efficiency of the first step and increase explosive power and top speed.


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Optimal functioning of these characteristics not only significantly reduces the occurrences of injury, but also increases:

  • Speed
  • Vertical Jump
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Body Composition
  • Coordination


At the end of the initial program, our average athlete gains:

  • 2” increase in vertical jump
  • 2/10 sec decrease in their 40 yard dash
  • 2 seconds off their shuttle time
  • Athletes who choose to repeat the program continue to advance and see even greater gains


Most importantly, this program is safe. We use an unweighted system which not  only allows you train beyond normal limits but provides for a safe atmosphere. As physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches, we are able to recognize potential injury in order to prevent major problems. Our cutting edge rehabilitation allows for participation even when sustaining an injury. In fact our program allows you yo regain or exceed pre-injury function.

For more information, Contact us at Idaho Falls, ID Center.