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Correct Shoes During Athletic Activity Jan10th 2021

The Importance of Wearing the Correct Shoes During Athletic Activity

Are You Wearing the Proper Footwear? The squat is one of the primary exercises in strengthening the core. As renowned strength coach Mark Rippetoe notes the squat is one exercise that works those core muscles. From weekend warriors to pro athletes, those of us concerned about maintaining a high fitness level rely on a strong

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Anti-Gravity Treadmill Nov20th 2020

Did You Know the Anti-Gravity Treadmill Could You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

Have You Heard of the Benefits of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill? The future is here at Ellis Physical Therapy! The innovative approach of this technology is proving incredibly impactful in a variety of use cases, ranging from competitive distance runners with intricate training plans, to those recovering from an injury or surgery. While this might be

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Feeling Achy Oct10th 2020

Do you wake up feeling achy? Try these 3 stretches first thing in the morning.

There are few things worse than waking up in the morning to chronic pain in your neck, back, or joints. Morning aches and pains can make it difficult to complete even the simplest tasks, like getting up out of bed or putting on your shoes. But with the help of a few physical therapists approved

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